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Relds Gm app :3 Empty Relds Gm app :3

Post  Reldnahc96 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:01 pm

Subject is in-game name plus your time zone.

Time Zone.:standerd eastern time

In-Game Name :Reld

Key(Case Sensitive) :Reldnahc96

Age :14

Why are you suitable for the job? :i dont abuse,i have experiance,people trust me,i am active,i know alot about the game,i am fair to all players,

Past Experience's(With the game(s) name(s)) :pokemon elements unleashed,pokemon silver aura,pokemon primal realms(Main Owner & Creater),Dragonballz dark apoclypse(Kikk0 server) (phantom server), & Dee server),chao chatterz (Mae2peaces server)( Jadox server)(piplup222 server) and (Kentrell server)

Well.....thats all

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Relds Gm app :3 Empty Re: Relds Gm app :3

Post  Moonlight on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:04 am

The Pokemon games's names ring a bell, but I don't remember them being THAT good, also when it comes to GMs.
And about Chao Chatterz, those games have, like, NOTHING to do with PBM, so yah. Also, about everyone who plays those games for long enough, noob or not, get GM at some point. And DBZ games.. Aren't they, like, the lowest kind of games?
Well, anyway, in my opinion, DENIED.


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