Arno (WinterLeaf) GMT+/-5:00 USA CST

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Arno (WinterLeaf) GMT+/-5:00 USA CST

Post  Winterleaf on Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:17 pm

My key is: Hypernazo

My in-game name is: Arno (WinterLeaf)

My age is: 20

Do I have GM Experience: Yes, but more from hosting a very large amount of games; Dragon Ball Z Dark Apocalypse -quit playing-, Dragon ball z Unstoppable power, Icon Tales -Main host until file expiration-, Exetera.......

Why do I want to become a GM: I feel that I'm friendly and that people and others can understand and talk with me freely without dispute as well as being able to ask help from when others are away.

My time-zone and country I live in: GMT+/-5:00 USA CST

You should choose me because: I'm a kind person what believes that fighting gets you no where fast, I hate arguing, I'm friendly and always prefer to settle things by talking without making judgments about what the other is saying until all questions are answered.

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