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Post  Zero on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:37 am

In-Game Name : Zero

Key(Case Sensitive) : Zero09890

Age : 16

Why are you suitable for the job? : I'm a nice guy that has never anything to do. i don't push people to their limits and i help everyone out the best i can with things they need help with, i play pokemon blue moon Alot so i know a few things about the game.

Past Experience's(With the game(s) name(s)) : I was a admin and somewhat of a host of Resident Evil 3/4, a year ago my friend let me have his game on byond it wasn't that popular and but i did a great job with it to bad it is no longer on byond because he had to take it down.

Well thanks for reading my application have a good day.

/\ /\
\/ \/

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