Trapped in NPC Pokemon

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Trapped in NPC Pokemon

Post  WilliamBlaze on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:57 am

okay. my trainer Body is GONE >.> no were to be found, no way to return this Bayleaf into its pokeball. I'm trapped as a Bayleaf.. i dont know what happen in the town i left my body at but. all i know is that the screen sent Black.. i clicked "fix black screen: and next thing i knew i couldnt return to the pokeball. i was trying to train my Bayleaf and now I'm stuck as it.. and worst part is. it cant attack.. the "fix punch" button is failing my Bayleaf because some how it HAS no moves.... sorry if I'm being a bit over the top here but thought this bug should be addressed.

As a side note its stuck at level 8, it Can not gain any more exp... and i'm restarting..seeing no other way out.

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