Application by Jayanth

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Application by Jayanth

Post  Jayanth on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:16 am

Age - 15

Member - Yes

No. of years experience playing in Byond - 6 yrs

Some of the games in which u were a GM - Pokemon Battle force {Head Admin},Pokemon Blood stone {Admin}
Pokemon Dragon Battle{Admin},Dragon Ball Z dark apocalypse {Highest GM rank after owner},Dragon ball Z Story rewritten{head Admin}........................

the reason for me to leave Pokemon games for some time was that my favorite games like Pokemon blood stone and Pokemon battle force got down .....................

after them no other good Pokemon games came unlesssssssssssssss
Pokemon blue moon came now i have gone mad about this..........
i just try to learn every single thing about it and help others Smile
i am a good coder to and also a Iconner i can help any guy in any stuff...
And as i am host to i can myself online for most of the time so i can be a more efficient and more working GM............. bounce

I just wish i can be a GM coz it is more easy to help when u are a GM.......

But still if i don't get a GM no worry for me i will be the player who willl help in the game and also one who enjoys playing in this game........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile


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