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Quest/Events for pokes

Post  Reldnahc96 on Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:33 pm

i have a idea and im not sure if any1 else has already thought of it or not but how about Events and quest get added to the game for certain pokemon.Exapmle:A list of task to get the gracidea flower for shaymin like killing 40 wild pokes or training to lv 100 and at the end of the task he gets the gracidea flower. Another Example:lets pretend rotom was in this game for a liittle bit and how about a quest for him to change forms by doing task like i said in the first exapmle. Example#3:not just for form changing pokes but how about quest that every1 could do?and the prize or reward at the end of each event is Xp,money,ect.

There are tons of pokemon that change forms and could use a good quest to do it, here is a list just off the top of my head! Arceus(plates)giratina,Rotom,Deoxys,Shaymin,Ditto,And castform.

I know that half of these pokemon arent even in the game yet but......ya never know they might be in the future and these are just examples.

P.S can u add a demotion verb for teams?

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