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Ketsu (Eastern Time)

Post  Ketsu on Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:15 pm

In-Game Name :Ketsu (Pokemon:Kaito)

Key(Case Sensitive) :Ketsukimagara

Age :16

Why are you suitable for the job? :
Let's start off with my personality. I'm kind and by this I mean that I'm nice to people, I care about them and don't like
hurting them. I usually refrain from saying mean things unless they're jokes or someone's made me angry. Which brings
me to my next subject, my temperament. I am a very calm person for the most part, though I may come off the wrong way from time to time as if I were mad. When I do get mad, I have a temper, but I don't get mad very often and when I do, I know to just take a break or log off of the game for a bit instead of making rash decisions. When I come back to the game, if the person continued to anger me, I could then kindly ask them to stop or just ignore them.

I would be a good GM because I am fair in most if not all situations.I'm very patient with new players to this game and to BYOND. I have no problem helping them learn how to play and become great, and I enjoy seeing them thrive and have fun. I don't just jump to conclusions when a player tells me something, I actually investigate. I talk to others that may have been involved and get their stories so that I can better make a decision on who was at fault or who was telling the truth.I am not going to feed you some bullshit about not abusing, because quite frankly I will, we all do. However I will do my best to keep it to a minimun and nothing serious. The difference is a good GM like myself admits to abuse and tries to better himself from it and does his best to not let it happen again. I don't play favorites like giving out GM training, teleports, or anything else. Although I may be more patient with people I know, I do not give them any special treatment and if anything I make them work harder.

I can be both strict and lenient depending on the situation. I tend to be strict about the rules like no advertising and spamming or large names, but I am lenient about players arguing over things that don't really matter. I'm highly active on games that I play and the corresponding forums, I'm usually on the computer almost every night for a few hours at least. I know how things work, like not being a taxi but rather walking players to where they need to go. I will make a concerted effort to use my verbs to help players rather than harm them. I may joke with players, but I'll try not to abuse verbs like boot and mute, and keep those to business use only.

Another reason that I would make a good GM is because I'm trustworthy and honest. I am a very honest and open person; ask a question and I will give you my honest opinion without holding back. I'm also honest in the standard definition of being truthful. I'm not going to lie about abusing if I did in fact abuse, and if I'm asked about the like I'll tell. I am also a very trustworthy person, for example, the high school I attend has given me the passwords to the administration account. With these I am able to block and unblock websites, install and remove programs, and gain access to every student's person hard drive; however there has never been a problem with me which shows that if I'm told not to do something, I don't do it.

A good GM isn't based solely on experience. He or she is based upon Character, Respect, and Knowledge. If you have never played a Naruto game before, you probably shouldn't apply for GM on one right off the bat. Just because you were GM on a bunch of games that flunked out, doesn't mean you have experience. To have experience, in my opinion, means you have been a GM on the same game for a long period of time, for example my friend (name not used for privacy protection) has been GM on like 1 or 2 games, but has like 2 years experience on both. However another friend of mine (name not used
for privacy protection) has been GM on a bunch of games that flunked out and he not really a good GM. As for the respect aspect, for instance if a higher rank GM says to do something you do it out of respect for their rank. None of my GMs question each other's authority or else they're fired. GMs have to get along with one another in order for a game to work correctly and function smoothly. If they're always fighting, players may get dragged into it and it could ruin the game for everyone involved

Another thing that sets me apart from other applicants is the fact that I'm easy to get along with. I don't argue a lot, especially about pointless things, and I don't try to force my values, views, choices, or lifestyle down people's throats. I am also accepting and open to change which along with the aforementioned qualities contribute to my abilities to make friends easily and to not hold things like ethnicity, sexual preference, religious stance, musical preference, or gender against people; so that I can have a wider variety of friends.

Past Experience's(With the game(s) name(s)) :
Well No Past Pokemon GM Exp
Naruto Sacred Tales: Owner
Bleach Requim Of Lost Souls: Admin
Naruto DBZ and Bleach Anime Showdown: Head Admin
Naruto Ninja Rebirth: Admin
(Others not listed)


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Re: Ketsu (Eastern Time)

Post  Lunary on Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:07 pm

Accepted....I'll be watching you....xD

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