Another random idea brought to you by... Richie

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Another random idea brought to you by... Richie Empty Another random idea brought to you by... Richie

Post  Braverichie on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:21 pm

The battle frontier basically have a frontier brain (or use just 1 person the "brain" and make him/her able to change appearance set amount of times for that and use different Pokemon each time.) and 5-10 ppl who battle before the brain and make it different for each facility such as....
also there can be a lvl cap if you want like 50, 25, 30,40,60,100, ect. ect.) BTW the person competeing in the battle frontier in the facitlity must tell the brain what pokemon they choose and the brain must remember what pokemon they chose by writing it down or useing notepad or something.


Battle Dome: you pick 3 pokemon and everytime you beat a person you get fully healed, and get to pick between 3 mystery squares 1could poison your pokemon the 2nd one could burn your pokemon the 3rd one could be a status effect on your opponet or an item for you (you can pick what goes in there.) and when you win/beat the brain you get 5k pokemoney (you can take that off) and the Silver Dome symbol.
(you can go through again and you have to face the brain 2 times in a row so you beat him/her the first time like normal then you have to face them again and the brain gets different pokemon) so after this time you get the Golden Dome symbol.

Battle Cycle:
On this one you must 1st play a game called ... you called it CAPTURE THE FLAG! (same map or a smaller one ((i would sudgest makeing a smaller one for this just sayin))) in this you must race to capture the flag and get it back to base (no attacking opponent!) when you get it back whoever gets it back first (either you or the person who got picked to be one of the 5-10 or the "brain in a diff form" gets to pick a type of "handicap" which can go from makin you go from full hp to losing a small fraction say you had full then they could make you have
|----------|-----| or mabey make it to where they can use a semi stronger pokemon so instead of useing a lvl 50 they can use a lvl 55 or lvl 60 depends one what you say or what the rules are. Same goes here when you beat the brain you get 10k pokemoney (higher here cause you do more) and you get The Silver Cycle symbol. and then when you move on to challange the brain again instead of faceing them a 2nd time you do a bigger Capture the flag stage (random each time so have like 3 or so made so the brain cant mesmerize it well and make the challange more interesting such as worse status downs and loss of hp down to half ect ect. when you beat the brain this time you get 15k pokemoney cause of what extensions went on and the GOLDEN CYCLE BADGE.

this is just wat an idea is you can make changes where you see fit. if we could equip items and use the status effect such as oran berry or that other one that heals we could use those as little bonuses when you do the mini-game part.

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